Insurance Claims for Storm Damage Repairs

When a major storm rolls through, the first order of business is keeping you and your loved onesInsurance Claims for Storm Damage safe. In the aftermath of hail, heavy rains, or tornadoes, the sight of your mangled home may be difficult to bear. Especially if you’ve never before dealt with filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, knowing what to do first and where to turn after storm damage can be overwhelming. Sure, your insurance agent may be nice enough, but you need someone who is truly on your side, who will advocate for your home and your needs…and who will do it quickly!

After a storm, the first call you make should be to a local restoration and insurance claims assistance specialist who can walk you through the steps to follow to get your home secured and back to normal — known as “pre-loss condition” — as quickly as possible. They’ll get a roofing contractor out to you right away to inspect the damage to your home’s roof and take mitigation steps — such as tarping — to avoid further issue until proper repairs can take safely place. They can also secure any damaged windows, siding, or any other potential sources of leaks, especially if inclement weather is still in the forecast.

Insurance Claims Support

Those efforts take care of the most pressing matters to secure your home until major repairs can get underway. But one of the other key benefits that you can expect when you call a restoration and insurance claims assistance company in your area is the guidance for how to proceed with your storm damage repair claim. They’ll help you understand what to say, what documentation you need to gather, provide you with an initial assessment that can be helpful in jump-starting the adjuster inspection, and basically get the ball rolling so you’re one step closer to check-in-hand.

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