How to Prepare Your Home For Springtime Weather

 hail on the roof after spring stormSpringtime is beautiful, but it can also bring unpredictable weather and storms. If you haven’t thought about the less pleasant aspects of spring weather, you may be in for some unpleasant surprises if or when bad weather hits. Read on to learn some simple steps you can take to prepare your home for stormy springtime weather.

Clean Out Your Gutters:

Even if winter hasn’t been particularly turbulent you should clean your gutters out once the weather starts to warm up. Think of gutter cleaning as part of your spring cleaning routine. Cleaning out any leaves or debris that are leftover from winter weather can mean your gutters are working optimally when spring storms hit.

Get Your Roof Inspected:

Winter weather and bitter cold winds can cause warping and shifting of your roofing material. If you take the precaution of having your roof inspected by a professional before spring storms can cause further damage, you can save yourself a lot of heartache! Strong winds and flying debris can cause a small problem in your roof to become a major one, it’s better to fix small problems now than large problems later!

Take a Look At Your Insurance Policy:

We all hope for the best when Tornado season is upon us, but sadly just hoping doesn’t help. You should always be familiar with your home insurance policy just in case the worst happens. Know what you’re entitled to under your policy can make a huge difference in the type of service you receive if you have to file an insurance claim this spring.

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