Signs of Roof Damage to Look for After a Storm

After a severe storm passes through and it is safe to go outside, it is important to check your property for signs of damage. From high winds to tornadoes, storm damage is serious, and this year’s storm season has had over 300 tornadoes so far. Plus, hail can dent more than just your car; it can also do a number on your siding, gutters, and roof! When inspecting your property, watch for these signs of roof damage.

Debris and Damaged Property

Tornado and Lightning Storm

Storm Season Brings Rain, Wind, Hail, and Tornadoes, which can Leave Your Roof in Disrepair

Do you have fallen tree limbs and fences? A dented car or air conditioner unit? Shredded leaves and barren shrubs in your yard? If there is damage on the ground, there is probably damage on your roof. Look for debris in your yard and on the roof such as missing shingles, fallen branches, sagging gutters, or cracked siding.

Hail Hits

Depending on the type of roof you have, hail damage may appear differently. When hail hits a shingle, it can leave a dent or even a hole if it is large enough. It will also knock the asphalt granules away, leaving a bald or shiny spot. Large hail can even damage metal and tile roofs, so check these too if the storm was severe. Wood roofs may split or have dark spots where the hail impacted it.

Other Signs of Roof Damage

Be sure that the storm has cleared and there is no risk of lightning before climbing up on your roof for an inspection. Don’t forget to check your gutters and siding as well! Look for chips, cracks, peeling shingles, wind damage, and water damage. You can also check your roof from the inside by checking your attic for wet insulation or leaks.

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