4 Tips to Clean Your Home’s Rain Gutters

Clean gutters are essential to maintaining a roof. It’s a relatively simple task if you have the right equipment and gear. Here are four tips to clean your home’s rain gutters.

4 Tips to Clean Your Home's Rain Gutters

Wear the Proper Clothing

This might not seem like a big deal, but you can get dirty when you clean gutters. You’ll want to protect your hands, arms, mouth and eyes. It is recommended to wear a long sleeve shirt, surgical mask, gloves, and goggles.

Look for Damage Before You Begin

Before you can have clean gutters, you should check for damage. You will want to check for leaks or other damage.

Remove Leaves and Debris

The first step to clean gutters is removing the leaves and debris. You can either use your hands (why you need gloves) or you can use a plastic scoop. You will want to discard leaves and debris into a garbage bag. If you dump out the sogging leaves onto your lawn, you are just going to have to clean it up later.

Get the Hose Out

Once all the leaves and debris are removed from the gutters, you can take a outside hose and wash out the gutters. If the water doesn’t seem to want to go down the spout, it might be clogged. Take the hose and spray water up the spout. Wants to remove the clog, you can wash the excess mess down.

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