Water Damage Repair

Damaged shingle roof, Water DamageHas your home been damaged by a severe rain storm or unnecessary water leaks? If your roofing system or siding of your home has been damaged, call Robert’s Complete Restoration for water damage repair and restoration assistance in Kansas City, MO, San Antonio, TX, Dallas, TX, and more.

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Having water leaks in your home can be a major problem. It is important to have a professional check out the situation right away to see if there are any undetected leaks that can cause more costly damage. When you find out how much water damage there actually is, call your insurance provider and file a claim right away. When that happens, your insurance company will send an adjuster out to the site and inspect the damages, eventually coming up with a figure for your claim.

We then send out a professional of our own to do an inspection of the entire home, and fill out a full report to compare it with your insurance adjuster’s report. Once we have negotiated with the insurance company and you’ve received the necessary compensation, we hire a local and experienced contractor to get the job done right. Robert’s Complete Restoration is the claims specialist you can call on for reliable water damage repair, so give us a call today for further information, or to set up an appointment with our trusted experts.

Services Done for Water Damage

Gutter full of water and debris, Water DamageIf you have a heavy rain storm occur, the first thing to do is have your roofing system and other vital portions of your home inspected by a professional to make sure there isn’t any unseen damage that could lead to more disastrous and costly situation. Water leaks can damage anything from your roofing system all the way to the paint foundation of your home, which is why it’s important to find the problem as soon as possible. Water leaks that start from your roofing system can lead to severe damage to the siding of the house as well as your gutter system.

Here are a few different services that we can assist you with:

No matter the situation, Robert’s Complete Restoration is the claim specialist you can call on for water damage insurance claim assistance in Kansas City, MO, San Antonio, TX, Dallas, TX, and any of our service locations. We also serve Omaha, NE, Oklahoma City, OK, and St. Louis, MO. Give us a call! 

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