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wind damageHas your roofing system fallen victim to storm damage? Does it require repair or restoration, and you need assistance to file a claim with your insurance company? Robert’s Complete Restoration is the home improvement specialist to call for residential roofing in Omaha, NE, Kansas City, MO, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX,Greeley, CO any of the other locations we serve.
Though we call Kansas City our home, we are happy to offer our services in each of the following locations:

We have been in the restoration business for close to 17 years, improving the appearance and stability of siding, roofs, gutters, painting, and more. We also provide insurance claim assistance at no cost to you. Our commitment to providing each and every one of our customers with high quality service is unmatched! Our high rating on Home Advisors illustrates just that. Robert’s Complete Restoration is your go-to specialist for all of your residential restoration needs.

Why Choose Us?

StormWe are a company that is known for helping our customers regain the beautiful home they once had. We hire a local and experienced contractor to get the job done right. If your home has suffered weather damage, we will assist you with the insurance claim process.

How Do We Make Money?

We simply receive it from the contractors we hire to do your repair. They don’t have telemarketers, salespeople, or inspectors to pay, because we do that for them. When we give them the job, all they have to do is what they do best, which is to repair your home. We select local companies that have been in business 10 plus years and have an excellent reputation in their industry. We pull their licenses and insurance to make sure they are current, all for your protection. If they have sub contractors working for them, we make sure the proper waivers are in place to protect you from law suits. Remember, we work for you. We are in the service business, and our mission is to provide each and every one of our customers with reliable and honest service, so you don’t have to worry about all the hassles that come along with damages to your home.

How We Work with Insurance Companies

AdjusterWhat occasionally happens is that your insurance provider hires an adjuster that is just like any ordinary person. These adjusters are sometimes overwhelmed with work and rush through their reports to get to all their appointments for the day. They do a full report, and then at the end of the day they enter them into the computer to figure out the necessary compensation that you’ll receive. A lot of times, they make mistakes. That’s why our inspectors do full reports of your home so we all know what kind of damage you have. Once the mistakes are pointed out to your insurance company, they are quick to fix them.No matter the situation, Robert’s Complete Restoration is your best choice for a home restoration specialist in Kansas City, MO, Dallas, TX, and San Antonio, TX. We also serve Omaha, NE, Oklahoma City, OK, and St. Louis, MO. Call us today!
Kansas City, MO: (816) 875-4412

Kansas City, MO: (816) 875-4412
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San Antonio, TX: (210) 393-8365
Greeley, CO: (719) 247-7380
Rapid City, SD: (605) 467-7585
Oklahoma City, OK: (405) 724-0420


Residential Insurance Claims

Residential Roof Damage Repair

Hail stones, residential roofingRoof damage is unsightly and unsafe. Missing shingles or tiles can cause openings where water can seep in, soaking and damaging the roof’s deeper layers of insulation and beams. If the structure of the roof is badly damaged, you risk having the roof collapse. Even flat roofs can become uneven because of damage. They can develop saggy places where water tends to pool, and there is a real chance that the water will travel down and cause a leak in your ceiling.

If you have any damages to your home from severe storms, and you wish to file a claim with your insurance provider, Robert’s Complete Restoration is the company to call to assist you through the process and ensure you get the necessary pay out you deserve.

Water Damage- If you had severe rain storms that lead to a premature collapse to your roofing system, we can assist you in getting the necessary compensation from your insurance provider as well as hire a local roofing contractor that provides high quality services.

Storm Damage- After any type of severe storm damage, it is important to have your home thoroughly inspected to make sure there aren’t any damages. If there are, we are more than glad
to assist you through the insurance claim process.

Hail Damage- Hail storms can cause major damages to your home. Our professional inspectors will come to your home and fill out a full report to send to your insurance company to review.

Wind Damage- Winds storms can cause some alarming destruction i.e. trees falling, damaged roofing shingles, and so on. Our job is to ensure our customers that they will get their home repaired or restored back to the way it was, or better.

Claim Services

Residential Claim Services

painter on a scaffold, residential roofingAt Robert’s Complete Restoration, we’ll find you a reliable local contractor for the specific repair you need to get your home back to the shape it once was. Whether you need repair, replacement or inspection, we’ll get you a reliable and efficient contractor that will provide exceptional services for your home. We are your number one claims specialist to call for residential roofing claim assistance in Kansas City, MO, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX,Greeley, CO any of the other cities we serve. Below are a few links to follow for more information about the services offered for claim services:

Roofs- Has your residential roofing system been damaged from a severe storm? We work with the best roofing contractors in the area. Our professionals will negotiate with your insurance provider to ensure you get the pay out necessary for a proper roof repair.

Siding- Does your home’s siding require repair from damage due to water leaks or high winds? Robert’s Complete Restoration is the place to call for residential siding insurance claim assistance.

Gutter- To maintain a sturdy foundation of your home, having a reliable gutter system is a vital proponent to keep water damages from occurring.

Painting- If you have any paint damage to your home, we’ll hire the best local painting contractors in town.